Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Friends

Yesterday I had a great evening with a good friend, an old friend Charlotte, aka "Lotta" of Stockholm. We wandered the streets of Bucktown, hitting Broken Cherry's place and I picked up a bad ass belt buckle that says "Carpe Diem" but also "Made in Sweden." I think that sucker was made for me! We then hit The Northside Tap and because it was early, it wasn't replete with douchebags, After a turkey burger, we hit Reckless Records where I picked up the latest Andrew Bird (which I've listened to at least five times already a mere 20 hours later) and finally made it to some place on North Avenue that had lamps that looked like underwater creatures but had the best frozen custard ever! Overall, it was a nice time had and good to have a good friend when strolling through douche bag ville. She may kill me for this but here's a pictures of Lotta:


Charlotte said...

For THIS posting, I will have to kill you! The sad thing is that this was probably the better of the two pictures you took.

Nah, I can handle it. Besides, I just got a great English lesson in how to more concise with my writing as you were able to tell the same story in less than half the words I used.

Also, like your descriptive of the 'underwater creature' lamps.

The belt buckle rocks!

Pete Eriksson said...

Yes, what a sweet belt buckle!