Friday, September 28, 2007

Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'

Talk about a strong work ethic. This announcer lost her cookies in the middle of the broadcast, took a few moments to recompose herself and then kept on going. This is sort of gross, so you may want to prepare yourself.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Space Ship, My Tunnelbana Station

I had enjoyed a rainy and free Saturday walking Söder; eating brunch in an overly-crowded yet adequately stocked breakfast bar with hardboiled eggs, sandwich fixings, muesli and (Swedish, of course) pancakes; and window shopping for furniture. I felt comfortable in the rain, enjoyed the snuggled up feeling of being wrapped up and having a place place to go, even if it was back home to do school work. I came up from this station (Västa Skogen):

I turned around and took this snap shot because it's such an cool building and odd. Nonetheless, I go deep into the ground everyday that I commute via train and not cycle to work. It's got the deepest escalator in all of Stockholm.

The other day was one of those rainy days where you are happy to curl up with soup and a book. In my case, it was a cold sandwich and some lesson preparation. Not exactly ideal, but it worked.

Lingon: The Real Deal

You may enjoy yourself some lingon berries from Ikea, and they may do the trick. But you ain't had nothing unless you've had raw cooked lingon such as these:

Holy shit, these are good. They taste more like berry and less like fruity sugar. Go out and get yo self some or go on cheating yourself. The choice is yours.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

On the Right Side

Last Monday my new co-worker and football buddy Michaela and I got out for my second Hammarby match, this against another Stockholm team AIK. We stood on the correct side of Råsunda Stadion with the rest of the "away" fans, and I had a great time, learning and singing the songs and cheering along, even if my newly adopted team lost, again. I am starting to think they are the Cubs of Stockholm, well-loved but somehow lacking. But I have not lost faith!

This photo was taken at a particularly contentious moment. Since it was a derby, tensions remained high, especially after Hammarby showed so well in the opening minutes of the first half with a punishing strike. Too bad they couldn't keep up the punishment. Jävla AIK!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sweden Loves Nature

I was riding along the water, on the bike path that leads from northern Stockholm proper up into Sola, where I live, and what did I come across but... sheep! Yup, just about 150 meters from where I stay these sheep stood corraled in a pen, chewing away on everything within a neck's reach. The pen appeared to be part of a small petting zoo and playground. Kids in inner city Chicago could use some of these to get back to nature!