Monday, February 4, 2008

Hard to Believe...

that in just about three weeks from now to the hour, I will be standing in the passport line at Ohare International Airport with so much before me that I had not ever anticipated five months ago. Back in Chicago. To live. Wave after wave of emotion have flowed over me, so much so at this point, that I cannot tell one from the other. I cannot say that I am excited to leave, nor can I say that I am not excited to return to the familiar. I am happy to return to my friends and family and yet I am not returning to the exact life that I had just one year ago. I am returning to have to rebuild something. This both excites me and slightly depresses me. But I am ready for it. I am ready for battle.

I have not experienced a least a little of Swedish winter now, as made evident by photo. Now I need to prepare myself for the deep Chicago freeze.

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