Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sankta Lucia Dag

The celebration of St. Lucia takes place today in Sweden. She has been adopted from her native Italy because she is the saint of light and brought food to the poor before the Catholics burned her alive. Irony, no? Light, burning... Sorry, bad joke. Nevertheless, she has served as an important beacon in the darkness of the north at the darkest time of the year, like right now! We celebrate by singing songs, eating Luciabullar (safran rolls) and drinking glögg and other drinks (for many that means too many drinks). Last night I attended a concert with my newish Swedish friends Åsa and Jonas in an old church in gamla stan. Then we had a fika (a coffee, literally, but usually means take a break and eat something lite with some coffee, but then again, I didn't drink coffee) in an old cafe in a cellar that must have been some 400 or 500 years old. While I walked home sober, many were still refilling their drinks. Oh well... maybe next year.

When I woke this morning, they showed Lucia as it traditionally is, early in the morning with candles. I took this picture of the program on TV. The Lucia is the girl with the crown of candles.


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