Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Istanbul Photos

I have yet to think much about my trip to Istanbul with my colleagues at Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium, as I caught and came home with a cold and fever and have been pretty much working or sleeping since our return. As a result, I have little to say except that the people were quite hospitable and it was strange to be in a country which has so many people of a religion we've been conditioned to fear, even if these particular Muslims are quite secular, thanks to their famous leader Ataturk. Here's some photos:


mike downey said...

welcome back! did you end up going to that match?

Pete Eriksson said...

No, tickets were sold out. I didn't hear of any resultant violence, either. We watched from a pub. Lindroth was still out with injury; although I still felt inclined toward his team Galastary, which when down swiftly under the clean Brazilian attacks of Fenerbahce.