Sunday, September 9, 2007

On the Right Side

Last Monday my new co-worker and football buddy Michaela and I got out for my second Hammarby match, this against another Stockholm team AIK. We stood on the correct side of Råsunda Stadion with the rest of the "away" fans, and I had a great time, learning and singing the songs and cheering along, even if my newly adopted team lost, again. I am starting to think they are the Cubs of Stockholm, well-loved but somehow lacking. But I have not lost faith!

This photo was taken at a particularly contentious moment. Since it was a derby, tensions remained high, especially after Hammarby showed so well in the opening minutes of the first half with a punishing strike. Too bad they couldn't keep up the punishment. Jävla AIK!


mike downey said...

Cool! I watched the game on tv. Looked like a crazy atmosphere. Too bad they lost.

And no goals last night for the denmark v. sweden game was night was sort of a drag...but oh well.

Pete Eriksson said...

Yea, I would have asked you along for the Hammarby, but the circumstances were a little "special," which I can explain later.

Sweden vs. Denmark... good match, even so!