Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Space Ship, My Tunnelbana Station

I had enjoyed a rainy and free Saturday walking Söder; eating brunch in an overly-crowded yet adequately stocked breakfast bar with hardboiled eggs, sandwich fixings, muesli and (Swedish, of course) pancakes; and window shopping for furniture. I felt comfortable in the rain, enjoyed the snuggled up feeling of being wrapped up and having a place place to go, even if it was back home to do school work. I came up from this station (Västa Skogen):

I turned around and took this snap shot because it's such an cool building and odd. Nonetheless, I go deep into the ground everyday that I commute via train and not cycle to work. It's got the deepest escalator in all of Stockholm.

The other day was one of those rainy days where you are happy to curl up with soup and a book. In my case, it was a cold sandwich and some lesson preparation. Not exactly ideal, but it worked.

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Pete Eriksson said...

Så Lotta... när ska du kom hit?