Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

I thought this article must surely be some sort of April Fool's joke, but there are no further indicators that it in fact is. The site hasn't retracted it nor has there been a spoiler. It seems as if this would be a bigger deal, if it were real. No other football sites seem to be publishing it, including the official site of Euro 2008. If this is in fact an April Fool's joke, then it has failed because it caused no stir in the media. If it is in fact real, then it is a shame that sports in Europe are also buckling due to financial reasons. This move simply puts money before good competition and no real football fan should stand for it. There's only power in numbers, people!

Update: this has been revealed to be an April Fool's joke. Ho hum. Aren't these supposed to be funny or entertaining?

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