Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stockholm Ink Bash! / Tattoomässa

This past weekend I attended the Stockholm Ink Bash, a trade event that attracted tattooists from around Europe and a few from the States. On the whole I found what I expected, including contact info for Circle Tattoo where Hannah Aitchison worked while in Sweden. Hannah did both of my upper arms. I may as well plug her, too. Although soon enough she may turn out to be a household name (at least in some households!), as she currently appears on LA Ink. Nevertheless, I saw the painful,

the pre-historic (Viking-style tattooing),

and everything else:

If it weren't so crowded I would have enjoyed taking more time to look at the work of others, but alas... It was. Good environment there. It took place on Södermalm, the part of town my grandfather grew up on. He came from a well-to-do family. As I left I wondered if he was looking down on me and approving or shaking his head.

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